Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ahhhh! Tropicana changed their packaging. While I was in the store looking for my juice I couldn't find it because the new carton looked like generic.

I love their juice ... especially the "No Pulp" version. I like getting my friends and family hooked on the stuff, because once you drink it, it's hard to go back to concentrate. Tropicana is also better than all the other "not from concentrate".

Anyway, I called them today to complain about their new packaging.
1) it looks so generic - didn't even know it was on the shelf
2) they removed their very famous white/red striped straw trademark
3) removed the Orange and replaced it with a clear glass of juice
4) changed the cap lid to a 3-dimensional Orange - okay that was fun.
5) the Tropicana logo text changed to a generic looking font (which fooled me in the first place), the font is awfully boring now ... it says "why bother"!

Oh it's okay I'll still drink it even though it looks so average now ...

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